Gail DeMartino provides a safe comfortable place that allows you to open up and share feelings and emotions that are very personal. She believes in the program and does an amazing job guiding her client through their reinvention journey ensuring their understanding of each topic and how it relates to their individual situation. Gail’s temperament is perfect for this career, her calm demeanor makes the client feel comfortable about discussing and sharing their feelings. I know that I have grown emotionally from this journey and feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to participate.

Mary Starr

Many of us go through life, thinking this is as good as it gets, but our instincts have us wanting more of and for ourselves. I was buffeted by internal and external forces, not understanding what drove my behaviors or thoughts of myself and others. I thought trying to be a kind and empathetic person was enough. I was wrong. I still hurt inside. As a Certified Life Coach, Gail helped me gain insight, using tools from her re-invention coaching and life skills to guide me on my journey of self-discovery. The growing pains are so worth what I am becoming. I’m learning her re-invention coaching is a springboard to accessing self-love and my potential for growth. Thank you Gail for being my guide and coach. Your wisdom is beyond price.

Joanne Gear