Hi, I’m Gail DeMartino, a Certified Reinvention, Worthy Life coach.

10 Warning Signs of Caregiver Burnout 

       Lack of energy and zest for life

       Sleep disturbances

       Lack of daily care for self

       Eating on the run and making poor choices

       Withdrawal from outside activities

        Mood swings

        Difficulty making decisions

        Memory issue due to overload

        Anxiety about the future and finances

        A feeling of hopelessness

Seventy percent of family caregivers take care of one person over 65, while 22% help two people, and 7% help three or more people. Thirty-two percent describe the experience as stressful.

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Reinvention is about letting go of what’s no longer working in your life and stepping into the essence of who you really are.

It doesn’t have to be hard or earth-shattering, but it does require that you’re ready for something more.